Talenti e Innovazione

Impact Agencies - Impact Actions for social innovation agencies

It intends to reshape and make more efficient a set of services to support BICs and incubators through the Twinning Advanced methodology. 

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INN@SE | Innovative Social Entrepreneurship with Youth Engagement

I partner elaboreranno una metodologia congiunta che mette insieme le loro diverse esperienze in tema di empowerment dei giovani, nella formazione, nella ricerca in economia sociale e nello sviluppo di startup, per sostenere le organizzazioni profit e no profit per coinvolgere meglio i giovani in temi di innovazione sociale e supportarli nello sviluppo di imprese sociali sostenibili.

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IT-ER - International Talents in Emilia-Romagna

It is one of the initiatives of ART-ER on behalf of the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna, aimed at promoting study and research opportunities for international students and researchers, as well as collaboration among regional innovation ecosystem actors and Emilia-Romagna expat living abroad.

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries.

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Researching means finding

High Technology Network

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Rimini Urban Challenge enters the second phase!


Here are the 7 ideas responding to Climate-KIC Greening the Sea Side call for solutions launched by Rimini Municipality. They target Rimini waterfront redevelopment, making Parco del Mare greener and more resilient to climate change!

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Rimini Urban Challenge: 3 winning ideas for a more resilient waterfront


Amongst the 7 ideas responding to Climate-KIC Greening the Sea Side call for nature based solutions launched by Rimini Municipality, the three winners were awarded yesterday in Rimini after a bootcamp session.

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Science | Business

ART-ER is a member of Science|Business, a networking organisation founded in 2004 to air new policies and promote partnerships in science and technology. 

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Is an University/business alliance cofunded by the Erasmus+ program, aiming at improve scientific entrepreneurship and focusing on young researchers, the brightest minds, with business potential untapped. 

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SHIPmEnTT | StrengtHening Intellectual Property and technology transfer processes in greEn sea mobiliTy secTors

It aims at establishing an innovation ecosystem focused on the green sea mobility sector across the ADRION area

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